One of the most popular, and well renowned music casts on Justin.TV from 2012 - 2014. Now exclusive to VaughnLive. Click the "About Us" tab to learn more about our origins, as well as our friendly staff who work hard to provide you the quality you've come to know and love. Please check out the "Charlie's Music" section for original music, as recorded by TRO's own Charlie The Man, the "Contact Us" section if you wish you get in touch with us, and the "Donate" section if you wish to contribute to The Regulator Online for any reason.

In light of the recent closure of Justin.TV, we have shut down the broadcast temporarily in order to make the proper adjustments. However, we will be returning to VaughnLive (as there is currently no other recourse) on August 22nd, 2014. Those who wish to follow the channel may do so at Updates to the Watch Live and Schedule pages are forthcoming and should be enacted before we go live this week. To those who have stuck with us and continue to do so, thank you for your patience and ongoing cooperation. It is very much appreciated.

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Time Until Next Episode (TUNE)

May 15th was a disappointment, but Net Neutrality presses on until a final decision is made on September 10th. The future of The Regulator Online depends on it. If this goes through, it WILL affect us!

Save The Open Internet!

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